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     Chairperson:    Peggy Baxter    623-256-1926     wpbaxter@cox.net


     Committee:     Peggy is actively looking for volunteers to help her!

If you would like to help and be on the Social Committee, please contact Peggy!



Chairperson:   Lois Kumerow      602-350-0048      par4thecourse1@yahoo.com


If you want to help, please contact Lois!

  September is the month the Recycle Your Bicycle Organization has a bike drive for foster children.  If you have a bicycle you would like to donate,   Dale & Ann E. are volunteering to pick them up and take them to the drop off site.   Please contact     Dale Eisentraut at 602-881-3506 


     Chairperson:   Lois Kumerow      602-350-0048      par4thecourse1@yahoo.com


     Ladies Social Night      Wednesday Evenings     6 - 9:30 pm
This is an ALL LADIES Fun Time Group!   All female members of ALL SKILL LEVELS are invited to join in.  Play one game with friends, and then rotate off the court and 3 other ladies for your next game!   Hors d'oeuvres are always welcome!

Hand and Foot Cards - Tuesdays    12:30 - 4 pm
Ladies  Card Group - Sept Schedule
    New members are welcome to play the Hand and Foot game!   We will meet at the Links Restaurant,  Arrive before 12:30 pm, Game partners will be established according to the number of players available at 12:30, Bring One Dollar and 2 Quarters, Bring your decks of cards, card rack, and foot holders.
   Come for lunch, to patronize and thank the restaurant for their hospitality.  Lunch time is 11:45 with your PB friends -join us, even if you can't stay to play cards!


     President:    Marc Parenteau     218-280-0988      marcon@gvtel.com 
                                                                  Treasurer:     Chuck Morse     623-262-7966     cnpmorse@cox.net

The Geezers are a group of Gentlemen in our Pickleball Club that are at least 75 years old as of the current year.  We are a fairly casual group that loves the game and would like to contribute to several worthy causes. 

     American Beauty Rose Program 
Our current goal is to send a single American Beauty Rose to any woman who has had a significant incident happen in her life and would benefit from having one.  This can mean a special birthday, a loss of a loved one, an unexpected medical diagnosis, or someone that just needs a HUG at this point in her life.  

If any pickleball club member becomes aware of such a need, please turn in first and last name of the recipient to any Golden Geezer Member or myself.  The Geezers will purchase the Rose, but we will ask you, the sponsor, to see that it is delivered to the recipient.

We hope this will spread a bit of joy to lots of ladies in the coming year!
    Sincerely,  Marc D Parenteau

Please donate your unused bud vases by bringing them to the courts or giving them to a Geezer Officer.  Thank You!!

   Golden Geezer Monthly Gathering     3rd Tues each month       8:30 am        
The Golden Geezers wil be serving coffee and rolls at the courts every 3rd Tuesday of the month at about 8:30 am (except the HOT summer months of July, August, and September)

Each month, either one of the Geezers or another PB player has generously offered to sponsor this event by donating $30 to cover the expenses.   A group of 2 or 3 players which will include at least one Geezer will be onsite to visit with everyone and spread some pickleball cheer!

Thanks to John Baurenfeind  for donating a nice 36 cup coffee maker and 3 lbs of coffer to start off these Geezer sponsored events!
Also Beyond Donuts & Cafe, located at 8110 W Union Hills Dr, Glendale, has offered a discount for these events.  Please stop by there and Thank them! Mention the Golden Geezers!  They open at 6 am every day except they are closed on Mondays.

Thanks to all who have supported this coffee program as well as the very popular Rose Program!

👉  Geezers Group Pictures  


     Captain:     Candace Isherwood       623-853-7974     cici.isherwood@gmail.com         


     Monthly Sunday Games, alternating locations from 1 to 3 pm. 
        Skill Level 2 and 2.5   Each team will have 1 WBV player & 1 Sun City player. 
        Game 1. Women vs Women and Men vs Men.
        Game 2. Mixed doubles: One Man and one Women from each club.
        Break for snack and visit.
        Game 3 – To be Determined

     Contact Candace for more info!  Games will resume in the fall of 2019


     President:    Pat Suwalski      602-348-6551     sparkle4714@gmail.com

                                      Our Logo

This is a group of single men and women who would like to enjoy the company of their pickleball friends when attending various events in the area.  You will not be alone anymore!   You will now have friends to enjoy various activities with!

If you are interested in joining this Friends for Fun Group, contact Pat!

Our group meets at the Vista's Links Restaurant on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 4:30 pm for cocktails and dinner if desired.  Then we move to the PB courts for Ladies Night Pickleball games. 


 Coordinators:     Liz Lage      text 602-620-5420      e2lagepb@gmail.com 
                              Ken Macumber 602-410-4066     kenmacumber@cox.net


 Sunday Fun Night     All Skill Levels    Late Spring/Summer time is     7:00 PM
          This is a Fun Social mixer for all levels of play!! 
Scores are not recorded or saved.   Each member plays 4 games with different partners. 
Our games work best when we have an even number of players divisible by 4.  
If you would like to play, all you need to do is: Contact Ken before 3 pm on Sunday.  
If you are to play and your plans have changed please find your own substitute & contact Ken or Liz.
To access the alphabetical list of players each week click here  👉 Current Sunday Players 


Coordinators:    Butch Holmberg       503-816-3026       butchholmberg@cox.net
                            Fred Dubois              608-295-9235         ltcfdubois@yahoo.com    


ALL Skill Levels          Thursdays          12:45 pm        Ladder stops during June - September

This is an afternoon social mixer for members of all levels of play.   Each player receives a random number.  Teams are then determined by a computer assigned program.  No need to pre-register!  You just need to show up with your paddle and your water jug!!

Coordinator:   Kelly Lodato


Late 2018  Rhonda Whitaker & I played in the Battle of the Paddles tournament held December 7th at Peco’s park.  While we did not set the world on fire or come away with any medals it was a great experience and we met some great ladies.   Two weeks later I received and email from one of the Pebble Creek ladies we played against in the tournament, Renee Ellison.  She thought it would be fun to plan some 3.0/3.5 ladies round robin play between our two clubs.  We went to work to gather our respective troops and find court time to set up our first event.

Our first play date was February 10, 2019 at Pebble Creek.  We had 8 players (Glanita Roberts, Gayle Cannon, Rhonda Whitaker, Donna Powell, Ranae Baker, Mary Kinson, Loretta Meeker & Kelly Lodato).  We had a great time & our ladies won 14 of the 24 games played. The Pebble Creek ladies provided all sorts of yummy snacks and everyone who participated was ready to have another event.

Our second play date was March 3, 2019 at Westbrook Village.  Our ladies all pitched in and brought food and beverages to share. This time we had 9 ladies (Kim Foley, Kelly Lodato, Loretta Meeker, Mary Kinson, Ranae Baker, Glanita Roberts, Melinda McNamara, Gayle Cannon & Rhonda Whitaker).  The Westbrook ladies won 20 of the 28 games this go around.  Everyone had a good time and we finished the afternoon off with margaritas! 


VIDEOS & SLIDESHOWS   (Slideshows have no sound)

Geezers at Breakfast     🎬Slide Show G Brk

Friends for Fun @ Lake Pleasant Lantern Night   🎬Slide show LakeP

Jimmy Buffett Social Night  🎬  



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