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Sanctioned Tournament Info

See Tournaments in Arizona & National Tournaments on the pickleballtournaments.com website.

How to use the Pickleballtournaments.com website to see what tournaments are in Arizona:

1.   Go to:   https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/pbt_main.pl   
2.   Hover over the Tournaments Tab and select Tournanents by Country/State
3.   Under the United States Section on the left, click on Arizona 
4.   Here you will see a list of tournaments in Arizona & National Touraments.  These are listed by newest tournaments by date in Arizona. 

How to see if a player is signed up for a tournament:

1.   Follow steps 1-4 above.
2.   Scroll down to a tournament you want to search, and look at the right side of the window. 
3.   Click on the Current Player List button,  or Click on the More Info button, or Click on the Current Player List Button. 


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