Westbrook Village Pickleball Club

Our Information Contacts:   
Search through this webpage and give any Committe Chairperson or contact person a call, or just come to the courts!  Anyone there will be happy to assist you!  We are a friendly group and look forward to meeting and helping you!

Our motto:  To Enjoy this great game, this great club, and this great place to live!
     Chair:   Lois Kumerow    par4thecourse1@yahoo.com     602-350-0458

When pickleballers aren't on the courts, oftentimes we are volunteering time and services for activities and events throughout Westbrook Village and in the valley.  It's part of our Community Affairs Committee mission to identify ways members can give back to their community and help their neighbors!
     Want to get involved in your community?   Call Lois to volunteer!

     Chair:    Mark Van Hoesen     mvan50@gmail.com      623-695-4925


Committee:  Bill Barbuto

I periodically will be asking for volunteers and would appreciate any help you can give! 
Thanks, Mark


     Chair:    Pat Suwalski    sparkle4714@gmail.com       602-348-6551

The Pickleball Club is for Homeowners, Renters, and their Guests.  Our information for membership,
instructions and necessary forms are available at    ðŸ‘‰   Membership 

Buying a New Paddle    Info on Paddle Sales ðŸ‘ˆ   
Loaner Paddles - Check out at the Vistas Desk using your homeowners card

To access the Clubs' Membership Roster:    Click here  ðŸ‘‰   Membership Roster  

     Chair:   Glanita Roberts     
carlroberts888@gmail.com     501-733-8091
 Committee:  Mary Kinson   mandt1957@hotmail.com      802-877-3852


If you would like a name badge, place $6.00 in an envelope.  Label it NAME BADGE. 
Print your name as you would like to have it on the badge.   Take it to the courts and 
give it to Glanita. She is there most mornings!
 Mary will help distribute the badges to the homeowners.


     Manager of Shirt Sales:     Marcia Dalton    daltonm4@cox.net     623-810-9478


     White and blue colored logo shirts      S, M, L, XL, & XXL
     All Men's and Women's style shirts, including  collared shirts with our Logo are $20 each.  
     Note:  Long sleeved shirts in a vareity of colors are also available!  $20


      Our social website is a Facebook Page called:    WBV Pickleball Pals
      Created & Managed by:      Loretta Meeker


If you have anything that you would like posted to the Facebook page, please contact me! 
I can upload pictures, flyers, or any other info pertaining to the club or our members. 
You can also text me photos!   



Webmaster:   Dianne Doerschel     dprattskipball@gmail.com    206-713-6129
Web Assistant + Pictures:  Liz Lage

Archives:      Laurie Kotas .

Dianne Doerschel     Laurie Kotas         Liz Lage

All important mass emails are archived on the website.
They are in the Newsletters & Emails option in the dropdown menu under the INFO Tab on the AT A GLANCE page. 


Chairperson:   Liz Lage  -  e2lagepb@gmail.com  602 620 5420 
Committee:    Melinda McNamara - designs flfiers for events  writenow1@frontier.com  574-612-6030
                        Chuck Morse - Living Magazine articles & Bulletin Board  cnmorse@cox.net  623-252-7966

        Liz Lage       Melinda McNamara      Chuck Morse

Individual & Event Pictures:   
 Members are always listed on the website by their first name.  This will help you to easily find a new FRIEND!
    Take a look  -  See your picture!    ðŸ‘‰ Members      ðŸ‘‰ New Members 
    If your picture is not posted or if you want to change it, please email a "passport type selfie" to Liz 👈

News for the Club:
   If you have an interesting bit of news or an announcement that you would like to share with our members please contact Chuck.

Event Fliers:
    Melinda will create an attractive flier to help advertise your event/activity.

     Bill Barbuto        wbarbuto@gmail.com      770-286-7799


Club Ambassadors: Marcia Dalton and Bill Barbuto    wbarbuto@gmail.com   770-286-7799

Our club is registered and has been a sanctioned club since 2010.   Bill and Marcia encourage our club members to become members of our parent organization - the USAPA.   The USAPA dues are $25 per year.  Some of the benefits are free e-mailed copys of the Pickleball Magazine, a 50% discount on the printed edition, emailed USAPA newletters, seasonal discounts on merchandise, plus a lot more.

Please check out the website and sign up there to become a member.  USAPA.org 

If you find an error on this webpage please contact webmaster@wbvpickleballclub.org
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