Westbrook Village Pickleball Club

Club Rules

We have just a few rules. Our rules are intended to provide guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable time. We want to promote the growth, development and socialness of our club. The standards outlined below are to help us continue to grow and provide an excellent sport and social outlet for the members of Westbrook Village. To that end we all need to be a model of good behavior and example.

The following are adapted from the National Pickleball website for use as our own.

  1. Do engage in sportsmanlike conduct and encourage others to do so.
  2. Do be considerate of others players feelings, health and safety.
  3. Do play with members of lower skill levels and new members.
  4. Invite those that have been sitting or who have just arrived, to play in the next game.
  5. If you call for a third or fourth player, accept anyone who stands up to join you.
  6. Do not use profanity during play or in the court area.
  7. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  8. Be fair and honest in making court line calls and do not argue an incorrect call.
  9. Use common sense and the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  10. As a courtesy to those waiting to play, those on a court will play only one game and then leave the court.  We "rotate" off the court even if there is no one sitting,  (ie:Please wait for another group to finish and then everyone can reorganize into different teams.)
  11. If you see another courts ball enter the court, call BALL quickly to stop all play before someone gets hurt.  Return the ball to the proper court and resume play with a re-serve.
  12.  Guests may play during Open Member Play Times only if they are with a member, only if courts are available and there are not members who are waiting to play.

And most important - Enjoy the game with your Westbrook pickleball friends !

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