January 4, 2018

Hello [First], 

If you would like to improve Your Pickleball Game, join the FREE Group Lessons
offered only to WBV PB Club Members:

                 Tuesdays OR Saturdays – Beginners & Intermediates
                 Thursdays – Upper Intermediates & Advanced (2 Groups)

                 Class Time: 10:00 - 12:00 noon
                 Jan 20th - Mar 8th, 2018
  See Schedule of Lessons & Skill Level Descriptions at the end of this email              
Learn and practice core PB fundamentals – basic court positioning and doubles strategies.  If you want to be more
consistent, efficient, and proficient at playing pickleball, this program is for you.  Ideal for players of ALL skill levels!
You must register for the session on line.  Limited to 32 players.  Look for the link to the registration form for the
Winter 2018 Training Sessions either on our website  (http://wbvpickleballclub.org/) or in an email  
by January 8th, in time for the first group to register. CAREFULLY REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Jan 8, 2018Registration Opens for members who did NOT participate in the Fall 2017 Training Lessons
Jan 15, 2018Registration Opens for ALL members
We will focus on one or more important skills each lesson.  You will learn proper techniques for each skill and
practice these fundamentals during class.
The lessons are progressive, not repetitive.  Each lesson will introduce new information, different skills, and drills. 
To maximize the effectiveness of this lesson series, please plan on attending all of the lessons.
Bring your PB paddle and plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated during the lesson.  Please wear proper footwear. 
Loaner paddles are available for newcomers to this great sport. 
The Training Team reserves the right to modify the schedule or course content to accommodate unforeseen
challenges or opportunities!
Got questions?  Contact Wayne Baxter at (623) 414-0368, or wpbaxter@cox.net, or any Training Team member.

Schedule of Lessons for Winter Session 2018
Beginners & Intermediate Players:   Tuesdays OR Saturdays
            Tuesdays:     1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27
            Saturdays:     1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 3/1
Upper Intermediate & Advanced Players: Thursdays- Group 1 OR Group 2
                    Group 1:    1/25, 2/1, & 2/8        
                    Group 2:   2/22, 3/1, & 3/8
Skill Level Descriptions
Beginner Player has little to no experience playing pickleball and minimal knowledge of the game and rules
Intermediate Player should be able to:
·        sustain a short rally with players of equal ability
·        demonstrates basic shots like forehand, backhand, volley and serve with some success
·        familiar with court positioning in doubles play
·        aware of the soft game
·        attempts lobs, overhead slams, and dinks
Upper Intermediate Player should be able to:
·        demonstrate basic control, such as good placement, direction, and depth of forehand and backhand groundstrokes, serves, dinking, and volleys. 
·        place serves consistently deep in the court, both forehand and backhand of the service box
·        approach often to the non-volley line quickly to hit volleys
·        sustain short volley rallies at the net
·        use the forehand lob and overhead (slam) shots with success
·        sustain a short dinking exchange
·        attempt the 3rd shot drop (aka long dink) and ½ volley rallies often




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