and what a great idea, this is something our club really needed!

This beautiful design was created by Vanette Morris, it is a very distinctive design and the road runner is really cool.  Bill Barbuto and Marcia Dalton ordered and managed the production of these fine quality Hanes Cool Dri shirts.  This year the shirts are white, next year they may pick a different color.
     Vanette, Bill and Marcia have invested many hours to make this project a success.    Their goals were 1) to show a distinctive, unique representation of our area that will be instantly recognized, 2) to purchase the highest quality shirts available in the mid-price range,  3) to sell them at a price which would not discourage anyone from buying one.  The team did an outstanding job in accomplishing all three objectives so- Three Cheers and a Hip Hip Hooray for them!
     Bill and Marcia will be selling the shirts prior to ladder play and other club events for the next couple of weeks. They will be sold at the clubs' wholesale cost of $15 each.  So be "one of the first kids on your block" to be sporting this unique, distinctive emblem of your club.  They will also make great family gifts!
     p.s.  On the first day of sales, 34 shirts were sold and already they have had to reorder a couple of sizes. 

One of three vacated club positions has been filled:
1. Carol and Jack Kotec have again agreed to be our Membership Committee Chairmen.
2. The club still needs a volunteer to be the Treasurer for the remainder of the term
3. The club still needs a Volunteer to Chair the Publicity Committee.

Novice Ladder Schedule Changes: The Wednesday night ladder is moving to Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. and the Happy Hitters Tuesday Morning group is going to move to Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. Members of both ladders may choose which group would be most convenient for them and then they will contact the Ladder Captain of their choice and ask to be included. This exchange takes place next week, Tues, the 26th for Lori's group and Wed the 27th, for Jdees Happy Hitters

We Love our Ball Machine!  Thanks to our Trainer, Ray Thompson, who is so willing to teach everyone how to use and care for it.   He will continue to set  it up each morning next week for anyone who would like to practice or be 'checked out' pertaining to use and care.  Then it will be stored in the Vistas Rec Center Office Storeroom and may be checked out and used by any member whose name is on the approved list for a fee of $5.00.  This fee will be saved to help cover any future maintenance costs.  Remember:  Only Members who have completed The Ball Machine Training will have their names on the list and be able to check out the machine.

WARNING - WARNING: Please avoid discussing any court issues with the HOA maintenance staff.  Rumor has it that the Office Staff is getting a lot of complaints.  The Office Staff will be more involved now with checking in and out paddles and the ball machine, as well as collecting membership money and applications.  Please when speaking to them,  be nice, be complementary and  if there is a problem, do not talk to them about it- just fill out a correct  Form at the Vistas Office, then let Sid know about the problem ie: or Maureen Dooling who is our Clubs' Rec Center Spokesperson in his absence.

Thanks to all our members who attended the Long Range Planning Committee meeting.  A good turn out of our membership shows that we are an active group and very interested in the future of WBV.
Thanks to  Carl Roberts, Chuck Morse and Tom Schraeder for hosting our Pickleball Display Table at the WBV New Homeowners Orientation.
The Chairs Issue:  All chairs should remain outside the court areas, please do not take them inside the fences as they are a safety hazard, especially when playing against good dinkers. 

  Cinco De Mayo Celebration on May 5 at 6:30 pm.
             Wear your Fancy Mexican Costumes and bring a
             Mexican Hors' doeurves to share & a cool drink.
  May  Birthdays will also be celebrated on this same evening.
             The Social Chairman is providing the Birthday
             Cake Dessert.
  Presentation of our 300th Club Member for 2015 -2016.

  Memorial Day Ceremony-  May 30, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.
             at the Vistas Rec Center Flag Pole.
            As as courtesy,  we ask that all pickleball ball games 
             cease at 8:45 and all PB players move to the area
             and attend the Ceremony.

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