November 12, 2017

This following message is from your Training Director, Wayne Baxter:

What: Group Upper Intermediate Level Pickleball Lessons

              *see definition of Intermediate Skill Level

When: Session consists of 3 lessons, Tuesday, Nov. 28th, Thursday, Nov. 30th and Tuesday, December 5th

              Please note: The lessons are progressive….not repetitive. Each class will focus on different skills, drills and information.  You are signing up for all three classes.

Time: 10:00 am. – 12 noon.

Who : Westbrook Village Pickleball Club Members

Program Objectives:  To teach classic core PB fundamentals closely aligned with the USAPA guidelines. To improve (tweak) your stroke mechanics and skill development, shot selection, sharpen your court positioning, and to introduce and practice advanced strategies.

Class Format: We will focus on several skill shots per lesson, briefly review basic fundamentals utilized to complete those shots, and  practice those refined skills  through various drills.  Court positioning and strategies will be introduced throughout each lesson. We will finish each class with practice games.

Cost: FREE

Registration:  Pre registration is very important. Class size will be limited to 32 players. Look for the Registration Form via email being sent to all club members.

Contact:  Questions can be directed to Wayne at 623/414-0368.




*Intermediate, using the IFP Rating Descriptions, would be 3.0.  Many club levels use a rating scale A,B,C and D.  “A” being the advanced or top level. Intermediates would be “B” level.

As a general guideline an Intermediate Player should be able to: demonstrate basic control of forehand and backhand groundstrokes and volleys(placement and direction),  place serves consistently deep in the court,  approach often to the non-volley line quickly to hit volleys, sustain short volley rallies at the net, use the forehand lob and overhead(slam) with some success, sustain a short dinking exchange, attempt the drop shot(3rd shot drop) and ½ volley often with some success.

This is a short list of skills that may be helpful for you to accurately determine if  your skill level is Intermediate to Upper Intermediate.….please note, it is not an exact science.



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