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Presidents message November 27, 2016
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Your Pickleball Club Board approved a donation of $300 to the St. Marys Food Bank which was matched by individual donations of $290 allowing Mike Barnett to present a check to Renee Pinkerton for $590 from the Pickleball Club.  Well done, Mike!!
Sign up and give the gift of life: blood……. Tuesday, Nov 29
 https://www.bloodhero.com/index.cfm?group=op&step=2&opid=728841&opidh=F759CBDE972F908228D75FC209D40A34&idt=42675.3675926.  Good appointment times still left.
Save the date…Christmas Party!.....December 17…5:00..Vistas Ballroom
Diane could use some help with decorations, slide show, music, reservations, etc. email Kathleen Sturges at kms45643@yahoo.com or Ann Eisentraut at deisentraut@hotmail.com.
Wrap up of Logo Shirt Day and General Membership meeting on the 19th
Thanks to all the 115 members who attended the first ever Logo Shirt Day, followed by an informative General Membership Meeting. Several member comments were discussed, including formation of a court committee and inconsistent ladder administration, Club accomplishments the past two years, introduction of candidates running for election, acknowledgement of contributions of committee chairmen, and discussions of the pros and cons of the proposed Amendment to the Bylaws.
Bylaws Amendment Proposal
A ballot will be circulated in the next 7-10 days asking for your vote on the bylaws amendment proposed by Rick Sturges.
Message from Chairman of Bylaws Review Committee, Tim Bommer: “Tasked with preparing verbiage for the ballot regarding a NO vote to the Sturgis bylaws amendment proposal, I sought input from our PPRR Committee and received great comments and suggestions from others. Following is a result of that process”: 
Your Bylaws Revision Committee chose to not change the bylaw provision providing for the advisory/tie breaking involvement of the outgoing/past President as a member of the Club Board of Directors, because it provides continuity in governance, a smooth transition for an incoming President, the ability to share knowledge, experience, important contacts, the lessons learned and the mistakes made. As such, it accomplishes more than an odd number board without increasing the number of persons required to administer the Club. The past President's ability to provide a tiebreaking vote has not been used in the Club's history, but is available to resolve an impasse without unnecessarily increasing the number of persons on the Board. The membership of the Club agreed when it recently overwhelmingly voted to approve our revised Bylaws. Vote NO for the proposed amendment.
OKTOBERFEST redux (largest PB Crowd in history of Club)

See you on the courts!
Sid Harris, President
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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