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HAPPY 2016!     Presidents Letter  January 18, 2016

NEW YEARS TONY JEDRY MEMORIAL FUN DAY WAS A BLAST.  THANKS TO KEN MACUMBER FOR ORGANIZING THE PLAY, AND DIANE DURNELL FOR ORGANIZING THE FOOD. Patti Sutherland took about a million photos and prepared a slideshow which can be viewed here  new-years-day-2016.  It was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day and all 80 attendees were winners, especially winners of the playoffs:
Novice-Joan Sacco
Intermediate-Fran Dewalt and Marc Parenteau
Advanced-Jeff Ditzik and Dale Eisentraut

Sun City vs Westbrook competition is coming up Sunday, Jan 24 at Marionette Recreation Center, starting at 1:00.  All levels play at same time. Sign up with Ken Macumber to play or just come on out to watch.  it will be a fun day.

Your Board is planning a Town Hall Meeting which will be held courtside at 5:00 pm on Thursday, January 28 before the Thursday Ladder kicks off.  Bring your questions and suggestions. We will meet in the Vistas Recreation Center if there is inclement weather (rain).

VALENTINES DAY FUN TOURNAMENT IS COMING!  Ken Frenzel has agreed to organize a tournament and party on Sunday, Feb. 14.  Click here to sign up online …no cost for this fun-filled afternoon. Invited guests are welcome, but we need to know playing ability at signup.  We will be honoring February birthdays at the tournament, so let Diane Durnell know asap if you have a Feb. birthday.

DUES TIME-The Club website is now accepting dues payments on line for 2016.  Everyone who pays their dues in full on the website by the end of the day on January 31st will be eligible for a drawing to be held at Valentines Day Tournament February 14 for a new ZEN paddle.  Click here Memberships and pay on line..its fast, easy and painless…..just ask any of the 120 who have already used it.   If you do not use the internet for financial transactions…that’s ok, we will accept     C-A-S-H or check…..just bring it with you next time you play and give it to one of our volunteers.  We will be posting a list of those who paid by 1-31-16…and asking them to remind those who have not paid to be good citizens. Regrettably, access to club facilities will be denied after January 31st for those who have not renewed until they finally do pay.

Spoiler Alert!  Why do we belong to the Pickleball Club, anyway?  Because we get 4,745 hours of free court time each year?…we get to play with free balls 365 days per year?….we get 6-8 free tournaments each year?….we have about 25 parties per year, 156 ladder matches, and a chance to socialize with all our neighbors….for less than 9 holes of golf, or 6 games of bowling at sun city.  There is no better value in the West Valley.  We're glad you are here.

Waiver renewals are not required any longer…...thank goodness! 

Facility Improvement Fund…Send your ideas for facility/equipment needs to president@wbvpickleballclub.org.   Is there a Landscape Architect in our midst?  The Board feels its vision for our Club can best be communicated with pictures, in addition to words.  The HOA will be reconstructing the Stadium Courts sometime in the next 1-3 years and renderings will help sell our vision to the HOA Board.  FULL DISCLOSURE: the facility belongs to the HOA, not the PBC, and any proposed improvements must go through their submission, review, and approval process.   Just because we want something, and will pay for it does not mean they will approve it.

General Membership Meeting will be held sometime in late February after I return to town.

Steve Russ (787russ@gmail.com) could use some help on morning of Feb. 14 manning a table at the Lakes Recreation Center for a new member recruitment event from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Call or email him and come on by before the tournament.  Its easy...just talk to residents about how much fun you are having playing pickleball.
Publicity Committee Chairman is needed
NEW-Sponsorship Committee Chairman is needed
NEW-Friday Night Couples play coordinator
NEW-Sunday night League play coordinator
The Bylaws Review Committee held its first meeting last week and made good progress.  More on this later as issues are identified.
Pat Ossell volunteered to help assimilate new members into our club by contacting them, taking their photos, and getting them on our website….Thanks Pat!     We are also developing a picture gallery of all members for the website… we have over a hundred photos now and with Pats help will be expanding to photograph others who are interested…….Say Cheese!

Your Club exists only for YOU…and your pleasure.  Your Board requests that EVERYONE actively participate in the work necessary to see that our 350 resident members have FUN.  Click on this link and volunteer…How-Can-I-Help  We could use twenty more members to share the load so no one gets burned out…..and….you get to put your own brand on our “product”.

Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest – looking for a unique experience for your out of state guests?  Prepare to relive a Saturday night 300 years ago all across the US and Canada at this authentic inter-tribal competition.  You will be amazed.  Check it out at http://heard.org/event/hoop/.  Plan to spend several hours there…the museum is world-renouned.
See you on the courts.
Sid Harris

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