Presidents Letter – February 11, 2016

Hello [First],

POLITICS….the HOA has mailed out ballots today for HOA Board positions.  Please do not vote on them until you receive the pickleball Board’s endorsements early next week.  Candidates night last Wednesday was very disappointing. Very little substantive information was received. So your Board is busy interviewing candidates in an effort to get support to improve our pickleball facility and it is to your advantage to vote for supporters of our plan.  Several of the candidates have had opportunities to support First Class pickleball facilities in the past and have failed to do so. Your board feels these candidates must not be re-elected.  Your Board plans to issue an email with our suggestions of which candidates best support our First Class pickleball facility.  New home buyers WANT First Class Pickleball facilities and as evidenced by the multiple communities who are rapidly expanding their pickleball facilities, First Class pickleball facilities sell homes!  Pull your ballot out of the mail and place it beside your remind you the value of your home depends on who gets elected.  New home buyers choose their community by the amenities it provides, not by the amount of money sitting in a reserve account at the bank.  Westbrook has the money to fund needed improvements now…but the current Board values their cash over the community facilities.  They also prioritize little-used tennis facilities to heavily used pickleball facilities.  We all know our 4 stadium courts are CRAP!  Why should we wait two or three more years to get them fixed?  We have all witnessed the loss of 6 good members last year who sold their home and moved to Sun City because of its new pickleball facility. The Pickleball Club needs to elect two progressive Board members in order to get any traction.  Stay tuned for our recommendations for the candidates who will best represent us.

Valentines Tournament/Party begins at 1:00 this Sunday, February 14.  Don’t miss it.  The tournament brackets are filled, but you can still apply to be an alternate.  So sign up at Click Here, bring your paddle and come on out to party and maybe play. If you have a February birthday come on by and we will celebrate it too.  Just let Diane Durnell know at We will be drawing for the new ZEN paddle at the tournament.

Jan Petrie band dance…The turnout for the dance was Great!  Diane encouraged lots of people….. so we had 6 tables- Yes, we had the most tables.  The Village Niners had 3 tables…. many of them were also Pickleball members. The music was great.    The dance floor was crowded all the time.  People mingled, shared their hors oeuvres and had a good time. Its now official…the Pickleball Club knows how to PARTY! Here is what Bea Cowan, Recreation Center Manager, had to say about it…. “We were excited to have six of the 10 club tables be the WVA Pickleball members at the Jan Pietre Band Dance.  It was wonderful to have so many people enjoying the evening.  I think that it brought out the friendly competitive side of the WVA Clubs.  We hope that the clubs here at Westbrook Village will purchase club tables for future WVA sponsored events.

WBV has booked another band for our entertainment…it’s the Mike Smith Jazz Quartet.  Coming on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:00 at the Lakes Ballroom.  Cost is $10 for this one…they had to travel from Chicago.  Join your pickleball neighbors front row stage-side for this delightful evening.   Reply to
Two Mixed Doubles leagues are forming!

Teasie Colla volunteered to Captain a mixer on Friday nights, and possibly going out to eat afterwards.  Contact her at  for more details.  We will start as soon as we get enough interest.

Bill Barbuto volunteered to Captain a mixer on Sunday nights if that night works for you.  For more details contact him at  This too will start as soon as we get enough interest.

St Patricks Day tournament/party plans are forming……Save the date: Sunday, March 13.

Clinics - Participation in our Skills and Drills / New Comers Clinic which began on January 12 has been terrific! We have had 13 sessions with a total of 207 attendees. 37 were new to the game and came to learn the basic rules, positions, scoring and various types of shots.  Many of these have joined us and have become members of our WBV Pickleball Club.  However, the majority of attendees were members who came to practice serves, return of serves, lobs, drop shots and dinks to improve their skill in playing this great game…….Thanks to Ray Thompson, Chairman of the Training Committee and the following club members who volunteered to help instruct small groups of 4 to 6 players three times a week: Bob Waller. Steve Russ. Steve Merkovich. Rick and Kathleen Sturges, Liz Lage, Clarke Stough, Jack Kotek, Larus and Diane Durnell. 

Donate your old paddles for newbies to use in drills.  We are having more prospective and new members than loaner paddles.

DUES TIME - The Club website is now accepting dues payments on line for 2016.  Thanks to everyone who paid their dues in full on the website by the end of January…you are eligible for a drawing to be held at Valentines Day Tournament February 14 for a new ZEN paddle.  You do not have to be present to win, but come on by and join the party.  If you are one of the 87 who have not yet paid, Click here Memberships and pay on line..its fast, easy and painless…..just ask any of the 266 who have already used it.  If you do not use the internet for financial transactions…that’s ok.  We will accept  a check…..just bring it with you next time you play and leave it at the front desk at the Vistas when you swipe your card.  Regrettably, access to Club facilities and Play times will be denied after January 31 for those who have not renewed until they finally get around to it.  For those of you who are seasonal residents, or are injured, rest assured we will not excommunicate you prior to your return.

Bylaws Review Committee has made its first pass at revising the Bylaws. Once revised, the proposed Bylaws will be reviewed by the Board and will be submitted to the membership for approval.

General Membership Meeting will be held sometime in late February, early March after I return to town.  Stay tuned for date, place and time.

Facility Improvement Fund…Send your ideas for facility/equipment needs to

Is there a Landscape Architect in our midst?  The Board feels its vision for our Club can best be communicated with pictures, in addition to words.  The HOA will be reconstructing the Stadium Courts sometime in the next 1-3 years and renderings will help sell our vision to the HOA Board.

FULL DISCLOSURE: the facility belongs to the HOA, not the PBC, and any proposed improvements must go through their submission, review, and approval process.   Just because we want something, and will pay for it does not mean they will approve it.


Steve Russ had a family emergency and will not be present on the morning of Feb. 14 manning a table at the Lakes Recreation Center for a new member recruitment event from 9:00 am-1:00 pm… Larus Durnell will be handling it for him.  Call or email Larus or just come on by before the tournament.  its easy..just talk to residents about how much fun you are having playing pickleball.  No public speaking experience required!
Publicity Committee Chairman is needed 
NEW-Sponsorship Committee Chairman is needed
Facility Improvement Committee volunteers needed

Your Club exists only for YOU…and your pleasure.  Your Board requests that EVERYONE actively participate in the work necessary to see that our 350 resident members have FUN.  Click on this link and volunteer…How-Can-I-Help  We could use twenty more members to share the load so no one gets burned out…..and….you get to put your own brand on our “product”.

Check Your Membership Record Please.  This is the unique link to your membership record.  Click the link and be sure to opt in or out of the membership list which we will publish soon.  Remember to click your age category and playing level. 

Happy Valentines Day from the Piedra River Valley, Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  See you all on the 22nd.
Sid Harris

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