November 1, 2017  (5:00pm)

Hello [First].

Celebrate November by taking pause and be thankful for the joy you bring to Westbrook Village. We are the most active and fun Club in the Village   "Oh, Sturgis", some will say, "you’re a little nuts". Possibly, but if you saw the 180 attendees at the last 6 Training Classes or the 103 attendees  at  the Membership meeting, they were all smiles.  It’s a great time to be a WBV Pickelballer!

Your General Membership Meeting was held on October 23 and  was kicked off by HOA Vice-President Jerry Johnson.   We had a chance to hear from candidates considering a run for your 2018 open Board positions. Vice-President; Bill Barbuto, Diane Doerschel, Clarke Stough and Steve Russ. Secretary, Joan Bodiya. Watch for an upcoming email with our candidate profiles and voting instructions.

We also heard some very good news about several members who have agreed to “step-up” in 2018, which is HUGE!!!!

Peggy Baxter has agreed to be the co-Social Director with Diane Durnell
JDee Birkland has agreed to be our 2018 Ladder Manager and Jerry Davis will be her co-manager
Eileen Young has agreed to be the co-captain of the B1 Ladder with Captain with Deb Genecco
Jerry Davis has agreed to be the co-captain of the B2 Ladder with Captain Tom Eastman
Lee, Lori and Sharon, will continue their role with the Open C Ladder
Lois Kumero will head up the Community Affairs Group…(Mark will still be our “Blood Hero”)

We also have some fantastic Club events headed our way in November:
Aloha Tournament Nov 5
John Barenfeild
Blood Drive November 7thMark Van Hoesen
Veterans Dinner Support  November 9th17 Members
HOA Craft Show – November 18th Kitchen Veterans Club Assistance  Tom Ossell
HOA Lakes Parking Oct/Nov Control Team - Steve Merkovich
Alzheimer’s Walk November 27th - Mark Van Hoesen

So, what’s up with your New Courts?
New Court Implementation Plan
11-15-17 Tennis hand-off to WBV Facilities for landscaping work
11-27-17 Light replacement on courts 5-8 , 9-16  will begin followed by fence alterations, post tension build, pour, nets…28 day cure…(Stay tuned for a ribbon cutting party)
                             (Please do not speak to or engage with the Facilities  or Contractor personnel)yes

Watch for announcements around November meetings to discuss
2018 Ladders
2018 Court Activity Mapping
Policy and Procedures framework
Your card swipes are up  26.3% over 2016 (10,844 vs7,992)…
Thank you, thank you. See,  "Better is Better".
A short Pickleball Club Board meeting will be held on November 9th
,from 1-2 PM.  It
will be followed by Policy and Procedure framework discussion. If your interested drop in or stay around for a few minutes after the Board meeting.

Starting Monday 11/6/17 on Courts 1-8,  THE BARBUTO/MORSE/KOTEK EXPERMIMENT BEGINS FOR COURT PLAY !!   STEP ONE... PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR PADDLE.  STEP TWO ARRIVE AT THE COURTS WITH AN OPEM MIND. UNTIL WE GET OUR NEW COURTS, THEY ARE TRYING TO COME UP WITH A PROCES TO SMOOTH OUT PLAY FLOW... This is a process for everyone. Come on, let's give it a try..( Bill, Chuck and Jack willl walk us through Monday morning.)

Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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by adding value to someone else's day!"

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