JUNE 26, 2016

 Pickleball Friends,
      Our President, Sid, sends us good news! The voting period is over, the ballots have been counted and the Bylaws' Proposal has passed!  Secretary Maureen Dooling was in charge of the vote count and reports that it was accepted by 94% of the total votes.  The actural count was: Yes-84, No-5, and 1 Abstain.
       Thank you to the committee; Tim Bummer, Sandy Watson, Bob Dooling, Ann Eisentraut, Rollie Slocum, and Vice President Tom Ossell.  We do appreciate, so much, the time and effort you each have given  to rewrite the Bylaws for us and our club.   We know that this portion of the project has been a long process and again, Thank You, you have done an excellent job! 
       Thanks to all the members who did vote, it is good to have this part of the project finished and to be able to move on.  According to Ann, this same committee will begin working on
the second half of this project which is, to rewrite the Policies and Procedures, when they return to the WBV this fall.  Members are welcome to offer suggestions they may have to any committee member who will present it to this group for discussion.
      Yes, we loved our Ball Machine but the HOA did not like the fact that it was battery operated and that the battery would be plugged in overnight in an empty WBV office building.  After a few discussions and phone calls, our machine is being returned to the factory and is being replaced, free of charge, with a more durable commercial model that is electric.  The HOA has volunteered to be responsible for installing an electric outlet near Court 4 for us. So this change is all good! The new machine will be stored in the Vistas Office as previously planned and our PB Board and Trainer will be notifying us, if there will be different use and care instructions. Thanks to the HOA and Officers who have finalized this.  Hopefully, the machine and electrical installation will be ready for the fall season when our pickleball enthusiasts are eager to improve their skills. 
      We had 36 attend our June Birthday Celebration on a Monday that recorded 120 degrees, yes, the cake was good and we did play Pickleball!  For those of you who were not here to enjoy this with us, we hope that you too are warmdevil and enjoying life with your loved ones.  Continue to enjoy, play with, hug and kiss the kids and grandkids for the remainder of the summer and then skedaddle back to WBV to play pickleball with us.
     Thursday Night Ladder is back on schedule.  We will start our evening games at 7:15 p.m.  Lz will be the temporary summer Captain and she reports that the USAPA description of ladders also states "that depending on the number of players, the ladder manager may choose to have a single ladder..." .  Considering this statement she says anyone who would like to play in the Thurs. evening ladder is welcome to join. To play: email e2lage@cox.net .   In the fall, when members start returning, the PB Board and Ladder Captains will discuss the management procedures for the Fall/Winter Ladder participation. 
     Independance Day Celebration- At 7:00 p.m. on the 4th of July the Pickleball Club will have a Potluck Dinner, a Special Treat, and play a few rotating games.  Please sign up for a pot luck dish at the Application Box on the Court Step. We will watch the fireworks display beginning at 9:00 p.m. and ask that each of you bring a lawn chair for your own comfort.  Join us for another Fun Fourth of July Pickleball Event!
     I need to apologize for the last email from our Social Chairman, Diane Durnell. The company that serves our email program had a glitch in their software. This caused it to start several times and run simultaneously and resulted in sending several copies to each member- one member received 18 copies! ( I hope your index finger didn't get too sore from pressing the delete key!angel).  Sorry about those multiple emails, we hope that glitch in the software has been resolved now.
     Pickleball Christmas Party - The date has been set for Saturday evening, December 17, at the Vistas Ballroom.laugh

June 26 Newsletter 2016
Pickleball Club Web Master, EML


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