The HOA has installed an electrical outlet for our new Commercial Grade Ball Machine which should arrive this month.  Due to an electrical wiring problem, the outlet had to be placed on the North side at Courts 1 & 2.    Since these are the favored lower courts for our members to use during scheduled play times, It has been suggested having  practice periods at different times of the day and different days of the week.
Our Trainer, Ray and his helpers, are planning an alternating schedule of clinics for members to practice using the machine. We are hoping to get volunteers to set up and supervise the machine at  these various times (which will be convenient to each of these volunteers) thus giving members a choice of times and days to practice.  This system would nessitate a pre-established and published schedule for the members.  If you would like to volunteer an hours time each month at a time of your choosing, during this fall season to set up and supervise the use of the ball machineangel, please contact Ray Thompson.

The August Birthday Celebration will be held at 7:00 p.m. on August 8.  We will be celebrating two handsome 90+ and a 60+ sweet ladys' birthday.  Hor d'oerves nice but not necessary,  your paddle and tennis shoes - necessary!

Our friend and Tournament Chairman Ken Franzel, will not be returning until fall of 2017 and so we are asking for a couple volunteers for a Halloween? and a November Tournament.  You do not need to plan the food or drink, make the advertising fliers or web site entries, nor do the score keeping as the computer does that, and fellow members help set up and put away the sun shades.  So all you need to do is pick the theme, plan the date, time and prizes,  receive the entry forms, determine how many courts are needed, then smile and be the MC at the tournament keep the games moving and present the prizes..  So step forward, find a friend to help you co-chair- if you like, and contact our president to volunteer.   All our members will appreciate your helping and giving us a fun day!laugh

Recently our Clubs' Ladders, Intermediate and Competitive groups have been evaluating the new Onix Pure II Ball which has USAPA approval for tournament play this fall.  Onix says," this is a better ball that will elevate the entire sport of pickleball with enhanced performance, while maintaining the essence of the sport that we know and love".  Our officers have made the decision to order these balls for use during Club Scheduled Play Times and for our Ladder Games for this fall - winter season. yesYippee! 
For those of you who are far away and do not have good balls supplied to you, the USAPA is giving a 'FREE 3-ball SLEEVE' of these balls to anyone who purchases a $24 subscription to Pickleball Magazine from August 1 thru August 31. (Onix is selling a sleeve of 3 for $9.99.)   To order your subscription of the Pickleball Magazine go to

Last week Mark Van Hoesen delivered a get well card to our friend Dave Culp who is struggling with a metastasizing cancer.   For those of you who know Dave and would like to send a card, his address is 7818 W.Hearn Rd,Peoria, AZ. 85382
Mark also suggested that we listen to Pickleball Channels last video.  Mark mentioned this because he would like to have our club think about doing something along this line for our veterans. This video is about 'Pickleball Ken' a Denver ambassador of Pickleball, who has started several places to play PB in that area, he helped plan, organize and purchase the land and build the Arvada Pickleball Courts and then went on to introduce the sport to veterans and organized games for those in wheel chairs.  He recently.....well shucks-ee-doodle- go watch the video!

Our Pickleball Board is requesting some opinions from each of you pertaining to: Establishing a Social Membership category: 1) It could be for non-players who want to party and socialize with us. 2) It could be for ex-resident members who no longer qualify for membership- does not include playing rights 3) It could include near by residents of a WBV Resident who would like to attend our fun events this also does not include playing rights.
do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the club?  Please send your thoughts/suggestions/opinions to our board at
P.S. 1) It recently came to my attention that some of the website pages were not entirely visible on smart phones.  Please check again, as you now should be able to see each entire page. 
        2) I have entered pictures on the Contact Us page.  If you are a person to contact, please check out the page, and send me any changes you want made or a new picture-if you 'want a prettier smile'.
3) Hey S R, Is the font easy enough for you to read?
yesThis is a long message, if you have read this far you are an intelligent, extra special, super-duper person! - three cheers for you! 

This message was approved by  Club President, Sid Harris.



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