Court Reconstruction – New Court Closure Schedule:

Our Facilities Manager notified us the contractor plans to start working on Pickleball courts #5-8, Thursday through Saturday, 5/12-5/14. So the courts will be closed on those days. They are striving to be completed with work on Friday, but tentatively Saturday is scheduled. If work is completed by end of day Friday your ladder captain will be notified.

laughThank you to Dale Eisentraut who has volunteered to be our new Treasurer!yes

Ball Machine update:
     The room at the Vistas is remodeled and ready, but the HOA has placed some restrictions on our usage.  Phil Ash will keep the ball machine whilethe Club negotiates revised checkout procedures.

cryingKen Macumber Resignation:
Ken has resigned all Club responsibilities due to the recent controversy over USAPA Ladder Competitive vs Social Play. Ken says “I am resigning from any duties of the club.  I just get in the middle of things trying to do right for all and it’s not worth the aggravation. I want to be just like the other 275+ members that run their mouth and do nothing and just come play when I want to.”

     Your board reminds you, 'It is OK to disagree, but not to be disagreeable'. NO decision will ever be made which pleases everyone, but that displeasure does not justify personal assaults on our volunteers.

     It would be appropriate for everyone who disagreed with Ken on this issue to reflect on what you said to him, and HOW you said it…. an apology may be in order.

Ladder procedures will be reviewed by the Pickleball Board over the summer. The board will welcome suggestions and will come up with a plan for all levels to follow, but we expect to closely follow USAPA guidelines. Anyone who has a suggestion should first review the ladder rules as published by the USAPA.

     These rules and procedures have been drafted for all Clubs to use and are in use all over the country. Please send all constructive suggestions to

Thank you Ken for all you have done for our club, we hope you enjoy your retirement!

         To our club members, this means we now have 4 positions that are open for volunteers!
                  1) Team leader of Sun City Matches
                  2) Summer Captain of Thurs Ladder
                  3) USAPA Ladder Manager

                          4)  Web Master of web site

Now fellow member, what will you volunteer to do to help our club?broken heart


       Sid Harris, President






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