March 6, 2018

Hello [First], your General Membership Meeting was held last week. The comments recieved were "It was informational, fun and short". Wow, what more could you ask for?

At the conclusion of the meeting, there were 6 items that I was asked to follow-up on for the Club Membership.

First, all Club members should provide an Emergency Contact in your profile. The contact list is updated monthly at the Rec Center Desk as well as in my car, and the Ladder box at the court.  Bill Barbuto also has a copy. See the link below  ...."Update your Membership Record"

Second, our Blood Drives through the United Blood Services of Phoenix serves the blood needs of Phoenix's Children hospitals and across AZ and when called upon for emergency needs across the US. The Red Cross also has an International focus. Both are non-profit groups.   (3-20 is your day to be a Blood Hero go to

Third,  next to the court side restroom, there is a first aid kit containing bandages, wrap, salve a variety of items needed for injuries. We also have an AED next to the first aid kit.  The AED is an intelligent device and will not "fire" unless an abnormal heart beat is present. If you feel a member is in need...Call 911, check for a pulse, place pads on the chest and listen for device instructions. We also have 80 members who have been AED trained so "ASK".

 Fourth, by the end of March all New Court open issues will be be completed as Karen explained at the Membership Meeting. However, 
members have been asking, "What about the Stadium Courts". There have been several discussions requiring our input on what the HOA might do with them. The discussions will start again in August. Why August?  The new Board will not be in place until April. The new Rec Committee will not be established until May, then Summer, and there are many projects of higher HOA priority. I have agreed to talk about our ideas in August. 
PLEASE ENJOY THE "NEW" COURTS. If you have an opinion, please feel free to attend an upcoming HOA Board or Rec Center Meeting. You have an opportunity as a Village resident to address the Board members prior to the start of the meeting.

Fifth,  the Pickleball Board approved donating our two  temporary nets to the
Alhambra High School.  Thanks to the effort of Phil Ash for making it possible. Our Ball Master, Bill Barbuto will be collecting up a few balls for the school and should you have a used "clean one-owner paddle" that you would like to donate, please pass it to Phil Ash.

Sixth, the 2017 results are in,  the HOA recorded 17,717 pickleball card swipes in 2017 vs 11,877 in 2016 . That is a 49.1% increase over 2016.. Thank-you!! 

"Play More, Party Harder, Share from your Heart"

Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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