I’m sure you have all heard that the temperature is rising and it is supposed to be 120 on Sunday and 117 on Monday.  I hate to cancel the Monday night Social time as we are celebrating several “ June” birthdays - Patti Sutherland, Phil DuBois, Joan Quigg, KathleenSturgis and Haze France (if there are others, please let me know).
      By 7:30 - 8:00, the sun will be down and the temperature will also be down to a cool 105 or so. To avoid getting too hot, we can play our games to 7 points instead of 11, or we can play "dinking" games...or the diehards can play, play, play regular games!  
     But, before I order the birthday cake I would like to get an idea of how many are interested in playing at 7:30 and having the cake around 8???  Please send me an email, if you will be there so I will know how much cake to buy. (click on my email address here  We will let you know if we have to cancel. 
Diane Durnell
Social Chairman
623 322 9334

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