February 1, 2018

Hello [First], American Journalist Franklin P. Jones once said. “the easiest way to solve a problem is to pick an easy one”….  What a guy for all ages! 
Here’s yours, “how do you make February 2018 the best WBV month of your life?”

Start with an 8:30am ribbon cutting ceremony to usher in your new Pickleball courts. They are fantastic. http://wbvpickleballclub.org/ followed immediately by the best and largest Tournament of your Clubs history on February 11th. http://wbvpickleballclub.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Valentine.pdf. Thank John Bauernfeind and his Tournaments Team. 
*~^o^~ cheer

Then take pride that your 2018 Membership drive was highlighted with a great showing at this year’s Club and New Resident events at the Lakes. You were well represented by Pat Suwaski, Robin Hill, Carole Bachman, Carl Roberts, Kathleen Sturgis, Mike Barnett and Bill Barbuto. I believe, we peaked interest in 150+ potential new members.   Oh my gosh, I must be leaving out someone…Sorry…..

Be delighted that another Ladder has been formed. It will be guided by the USAPA framework and have a High Intermediate/Adv focus. This is very exciting because it provides a path as skills improve for our B1 and B2 Ladder group. For 2018, we have 2 Novice Ladders, 2 Intermediate Ladders and 2 Advanced Ladders. The new ladder Captain is Joan Bodia. Interested?  Please drop her an email at joanbodiya@gmail.com  Have you heard about Robert Doerschel's kato52@cox.net Advanced ladder for 2018?  Take a look  http://wbvpickleballclub.org/Ladder.html  *8-> day dreaming

Create a  smile…Our Sunshine Gal, Cindy Buxton  buxtoncindy@gmail.com , is available to assist with a card for someone who is ill; Mark Parenteau marcon@gvtel.com and the Geezer Rose gang is ready to serve, and our 2018 Living Magazine editor Beverly Kuch bkuchsmail@gmail.com, is looking for story ideas. Let her know what you feel would be a great story with a Club/personal focus for the magazine.  Your Publicity Team will try to get it into the magazine queue.*:-c call me

Mark your calendars, here are three items that will make your monthly highlight reel. (Ok, you may also pick New England in the Super Bowl)
1.       Thursday, February 15th Lakes Ballroom at 7:00pm it’s “Meet the HOA Board Candidates Night”. We have a club member, Sil Maiorana, running this year. Let’s be there to support him and get to know all the candidates. Our Club learned in 2017 that working with the HOA Board is critical to our success and a source of Village pride.
2.       Saturday, February 17th  Lakes Ballroom at 10:00am, is the HOA Town Hall Meeting. Provide some input for the HOA Long Range Plan
3.       Pickleball Club General Membership Meeting is Monday February 26th 6-7 in The Vistas ballroomIf you have an item for the agenda, please respond to this email.  What a terrific way to wind down the month. 

Let’s enjoy every minute of this exciting month.  (Ok, a little long, but what a great read!) 
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"Play More, Party Harder, Share from your Heart"

Now, it's Your Serve,   

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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"Make this the best day of your life,
by adding value to someone else's day!"

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