Yippee!  Its here!
The new Ball Machine! 

This is an important message, Please copy, print or save this for future reference!

    1. Our Training Committee Chairman, Ray Thompson, will be the supervisor and caretaker of the machine.

    2. For the remaining business days in April, Ray will be setting up the machine for use and training at 8:00 a.m.  After that time it will be stored in the Vistas Rec.Center and will be available to be checked out by Members Only who have received the training and
    It will not be available to nonmember residents.

    3.Club members may come these remaining April mornings to 'get trained' on the use, care and storage of the machine. 

    4. It is a good idea to practice with others in order to rotate hitting and retrieving the balls so bring a member friend. ie: Constantly hitting return balls is tiring and someone is needed to pick up the scattered balls and put them back into the hopper so that it will continually be throwing balls across the net.

    5. Ray will often be there to offer suggestions for improving your grip/ stroke/ etc..

    6. Court 4 has been the court that seems to work the best for the machine because the court floor slants slightly to the drain and therefore the balls will return to that area behind the machine.

    7.Again - during the remainder of the year only those Club members who have been trained on how to set up/ care for/ use controls, pack up, return and properly store the device, will be allowed to check it out and use it for additional practice. A list of those "Trained" members will be available at the Rec Center Desk.

    8. It may be checked out for a $5 fee - payable by Cash or Check - placed in an envelope and marked a PB Machine R & R.( Machine Rental and Repair).   The machine will require maintenance and ball replacement, thus expenses will be paid for by the users as they use it. It does have a 3 year warranty but that does not include 'wear and tear".

    9. Please turn in a written report of any problems to the Rec Center immediately after use and be sure it is plugged in to be recharged.

    John Baurenfeind, who also owns a machine, offers the following suggestions:

         Do Not Use if raining.

        If ball is Stuck, shut machine off and pull ball out.

        Do Not Walk in front of machine to retrieve balls.

        CONTROLS:  The Top Toggle Switch turns machine on- there is a 15 sec. delay before ball is ejected.

                                 Bottom Toggle Switch activates the Oscillator/ degree of movement back and forth.

                                 The Big Black Knob on the left changes the Elevation/ thus Distance. First, unscrew the knob, then move it to raise or lower the 
                                      trajectory.  When satisfied, Tighten knob.  This  procedure can be done while the machine is running.

                                The Top Knob on the right controls the speed of the balls/ how fast it is traveling. The higher the number, the harder they are, like a
                                      fast, hard hit volley.

                                The Bottom Knob on the right controls the timing of the balls - how quickly they are ejected. The higher number the faster they are 
                                      ejected. A faster feed is good to use at the net when hitting volleys.

                                When you are finished with the machine, Pack it up and take back to the Rec. Center. You must be sure to plug in the electrical cord
                                      so that it will recharge. The machine can be  used for about 4 hours. It will take about 18 hours to be fully recharged

     April 17, Sunday WBV PB Club vs Sun City at WBV.  All courts reserved at 8:30 a.m.  Refreshments will be served.
     April 18, Monday evening, Birthday Celebration at 6:30 p.m.

      May 5, Thursday evening, Cinco de Mayo Party, 6:30 p.m.  Rotation Play - Mexican Pot Luck Dinner 


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