September 11, 2017

Hello [First], Ok, the time for us to shine is rapidly approaching. The Recreation Committee will review and decide on which of the three options will be presented to the Board for renovation of Sports Courts 1/2.  I am hopeful that they will review our current membership, our fantastic activity numbers for 2017 and make the appropriate decision for the Village.

Please plan on attending these sessions.  Oh...come on... it's 1/2 hour of your time for two days. You will get an understanding of how the HOA Rec/LF Committees function and make your presence felt  (possibly a no charge coffee as well )  Hey, you may get inspired to make a run for one of the open HOA Board positions for 2018. (You will already have 1 vote... Mine) 
Recreation Committee Meeting
Second Tuesday of the month
Date: September 12, 2017
Time:  8:30 am
Location: Vistas Rec Center
Landscape & Facilities Meeting
Second Wednesday of the month
Date: September 13, 2017
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Fine Arts and Learning Center (FALC)

In 2017, I have recieved several hundred messages from the Club members that say, "I love this Club so much", it's just fantastic!   So lease step up and attend the meetings. It's your time to shine.


September 5, 2017

Climbing a mountain is difficult, but together it can be done and is so much more meaningful, when done together. 

Please take a few minutes to attend the meetings.  I am not asking you to speak, just attend and let our collective presence send a message. 

Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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"Make this the best day of your life,
by adding value to someone else's day!"



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