Hello [First], I know, I know the only time of year you hear from the membership person (me) is when the dues need to be paid. Well guess what you are hearing from me so that must mean it’s time to pay those darn dues but just remember what those dues are for PARTIES, PARTIES and more PARTIES among other things of course. I just named the most important.

Anyway let’s get down to business. We have envelopes at the Vista Rec Center to put your money (or check) in. This next thing is a (BIGGIE)
make sure you write your name on the envelope make sure you write your name on the envelope Oh, did I say that already? Well it warrants being said twice because it is sooooo BIG.

Other Info:

1. 2018 waiver does not have to be signed this year if you signed one for 2017.

2. A list of names are on the tables at the courts to help everyone remember if they have paid (their are so many clubs at WBV sometimes it’s hard to remember which one’s we have paid)


3. Your name is marked off in GREEN once you have paid.

3. If you do not see your name on the list let me know and I will be happy to add it.


Happy Thanksgiving! Have Fun and Be Safe

Pat Suwalski

Membership Chair Woman




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