November 30, 2017 11:30PM

Hello [First].   ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!!

You have the pleasure of electing a Vice-President and Secretary who will help your Club navigate the perilous, yet fun-filled, waters of your Village Pickleball Club. These are great times for your Club!

Before you log into this URL   ( to vote for (1) Vice-President candiate and (1) Secretary, please take a moment to view their profiles. Let's get all our votes in by NOON December 15th. The new VP and Secretary will be announced at the 2017 Christmas Party, December 16th at the Lakes. 

The final ballet looks like this:
2017 Vice President Candidates:  Bill Barbuto and Diane Doerschel/Prattski     
2017 Secretary Candidate:  Joan Bodiya

Please vote for one candidate for VP and one for Secretary.  Again, here is the site to click on >>>>  That's it. Your votes
are kept in a file in the cloud ( so to speak).  Liz and I are the only two Club Members who have acess to the results.
Name:  Bill Barbuto  
Resident of WBV:  6 years
Member of pickleball club:    6 years
Career work:   Retired - New York City Fire Chief

History of volunteering since arrival:   Before moving to Westbrook I was a USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for Summit County Colorado where I was President, for 3 years, of  the 250 member "Summit County Picklball Club”.  I have since transferred my Ambassadorship to Peoria Arizona which includes Westbrook Village.  An Ambassadors prime responsibility is to be a spokesperson for USAPA and to promote the growth and development of pickleball.   I am also a founding member of the “Super Senior International Pickleball Association (SSIPA). Its mission is to support the growth of pickleball for all levels of play for seniors ages 60+
As a WBV Pickleball Club member I facilitated the procurement of Club Shirts and Club Banners and did the same for the "Golden Geezers” where I am also a member.   I have helped in several WBV Tournaments and  in the procurement of trophies for these events.  I have submitted WBV Pickleball Club articles that were published in Westbrook's “Living" magazine, and in USAPA’s national publication “Pickleball Magazine".

Why do you want this position?    There are many exciting things happening in our club right now. Many changes are on the horizon. From new courts to new members, we are  a growing group of active adults.  I would like to help our club welcome new members and continue to support all levels of play.  Pickleball has always been a very social, and for those who choose, very competitive game.  I would like to help our club continue in this tradition
Name:  Dianne Doerschel     

Resident of WBV:  Jan 2008
Member of pickleball club:  Since the day I started it with Robert and Ken and Maria!   8 years
Career work:  High School and Community College Math Teacher
History of volunteering since arrival:  I was the  Secretary when we started the club.  When we first started running the tournaments, I did everything from running the tournament, announcing at the tournament, hospitality, cleanup, membership etc.  Now I announce and help John  run  the tournaments.  I am also on the Training Team teaching the clinics/classes on Tues and Thur.
Why do you want this position?   I think I bring a lot of experience to the pickleball club with being on the board of clubs - pickleball club as mentioned above, and President of the Computer Club for the past 8 years or so.  I also have a lot of experience facilitating board meetings and working with everyone to achieve the goals for the club.

2018 Secretary Candidate Profile Joan Bodiya
Name:  Joan Bodiya           

Resident of WBV:  I have lived in WBV for 3 1/2 years.

Member of pickleball club:  I have been playing pickleball at WBV for 3 1/2 years.

Career work:  I am a Medical Technologist, Specialist Blood Bank.

History of volunteering since arrival: I have worked for Creative Testing Solutions for 26 years.

Why do you want this position?   I want serve on the Board as Secretary, in order to help support and grow our great club and all its members.


Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play.  Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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