Westbook Village Pickleball Club Members, if I told you that I loved each one of you what would you say,
........"Oh, that Rick,us such a Xxx Xxxx"!

Stop, if any one of you, were in trouble, I would do anything to help you,  in any way possible. I know, you 
would say the same thing.

Were just a group of people looking to have as much fun as possible. BUT, what would happen if someone
you were playing with had a major health problem?  What would you do?

Yes, there are bandades under the Ramada at the end of  courts 1-2. But if you thought someone (like you or me) was
having a heart attack, do you know who to call or what to do?   Do you know, we have two AED"s (automated external
defibrillator) within 75 yards of court #3.   Whrere are they?

Please attend a 1hr session at the Lakes Recreation Center on January 18th at 10:00-11:00am. The training will be
held by the City of Peoria. They will teach us how-to do CPR as well as how-to use the AED equipment.  If we get
a substantial number of attendees, you will help me lobby for an AED even closer to our courts.
Commit to attend.  Drop a note to Jan Lawor. janl@westbrookvillage.org.  Just type "I will attend, the 1/18 AED training"
in the subject line.

I will be there for you....Will you be there for me?

Bigger is "NOT Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, It's Your Serve,
Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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"Make this the best day of your life,
by adding value to someone else's day!"
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