June 1, 2017 

Hello [First],

"People don’t notice if it’s winter or summer when they’re happy."~Anton Chekhov 1891  "So let's just Be Happy"~ Rick Sturgis 2017 smiley

"10 WBV Pickleball Club June messages that I am positive you will find of great interest": You will say, they are "HUUGE"...

1. Our new Court Activity Schedule is in effect..... Please realize that "Open Village Play" means that we all rotate in/out and that no one has courts assigned. Not by skill level, shoe size, age or hair color. "Unless", they are specifically signed for in the Rec Center on the sign-out sheet.
2. Your 2017 Officer Nominating Committe is now in place. Ben, Lois, Jack, Larus. Their task is to solicit and vett several candidates for your new Club Secretay and Vice-President.    Yes, it's early, but this will be so much fun.
*~^o^~ cheer    
3. I am still looking for a "Club SoundMaster Blaster" - Oh, come-on just take responsibility for the sytem.   Hey you'll be famous!!
4. It would be beneficial to have a backup person who is familiar with the website. Liz is looking for an Assistant WebMaster to work on Website postings with her. It's about Club messaging, editing text and pictures!!surprise You will be an expert in 10..ah, 20.. Ok 45 minutes...
5. Our search for club personnel/family members to assist with Nov/Dec Social events is closed. Diane Durnell, start your engine! 
6. Your Pickleball Board took a decision to remove the bereavement budget line item. Let's always reach out to our "Sunshine Gal", Cindy Buxton and our Geezers for a touch of love/sympathy and depend on a club member to take responsibility for brevement expenses with volunteer contributions.
7.Thank-you for accepting the challenge to update your profiles with contact information. Our Emergency Contact List contains 105 club members information. Let's get to 250 by the end of June!!  Please review and keep it updated a few do not appear to be correct. A copy is taped inside the utility box courtside. A copy is in the Vistas Rec Center Pickleball folder at the desk and I will always have a copy with me.
 June 7th 8. The Board of Directors and Long Range Plan Presentation is in Lakes Ballroom (Moved from the FALC) 8:00. 
9. Your WBV Pickleball Club Board Meeting June 8th at 1:00 in Vistas Conference Room C. (2nd Thursday each month 2017- 2018) 
10. Thanks to our Community Affairs Chairman, Mark VanHuesen, and everyone who helped and attended the Memorial Day Ceremony. You are making a difference in 2017.
A message from Russ Lachance, President of the Veterans Club. 

" I want to thank the members of the Pickle Ball club, for all the help for the Memorial Day ceremony.  Everything went as planned, which means there was a lot of work behind the scenes.  I received a lot of positive feed back.  I am really appreciative of the help the Pickleball Club has given our club.  If there is anything our club can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know. I look forward to continuing our club’s relationship.  Thank you again."

Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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by adding value to someone else's day!"

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