August 1, 2017

Hello [First],  here are "Ten Things that will make you go hmmm”.
First, our July 28th, “Chill with Bill”, was a tribute to frivolity (what does that mean?). Everyone had fun and 218 dollars was collected
for the Phoenix Children's Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  THANK-YOU BILL and everyone who organized, attended and contributed.

Second, please donate an aged and out-of-service paddle.  They may be used as a court marker on courts 1-12 (12?)   We might even put your name on it to preserve your place in WBV history. (Ok, that is a little strong, but could be fun.)   They may also be used for our 2017/2018 Training.  Liz is collecting them.
Third, our Club Emergency Contact List is at 122 members. Please update your profile. How? Look below.  (Where can you find that Emer Contact list if you need it?) Please take a moment to thank Phil DuBois for posting "What to do" in Case of an Emergency, on the court fences.  By the way, who is your emergency contact?

Fourth, we have a Club Board  yesquorum, so your  Club Board Meeting WILL BE HELD Aug 10th  at 1:00 in the Vistas Conference Room C. We have many topics to review.The Board has requested that all member input be held till the  "end of the session", unless board input is requested on a topic of discussion.   
Fifth, Articile II Section B of the By-laws you approved is very clear. To play on our courts you must be a Club member, hold an approved Village Activity card or be a resident guest. which provides the guest the opportunity to play on the courts 7 days a year. These are rules you have agreed to honor and enforce as a club member !
Sixth, Activity card swipes are up 21.4% for 2017 over 2016 I love the individual effort you have demonstrated, thank-you!
Ever wonder how the clubs are using the Rec Centers?  Go to WBV website below and search for “ABACUS”. (That’s the Village activity swipe report)
Seventh, ever wonder what happens at an HOA Rec Committee Meeting?  The Rec Center Meeting on Aug 8th at 8:30am is one you should attend, because they will discuss/finalize a motion they will be presented to the HOA Board to enhance the Vista Sports Courts 

Eighth, are you always aware of events happening in the Village? Please sign-up for the Village email Blast that Karen Jones sends out weekly. Go to The first page asks you to "sign-up" for weekly email blasts
Ninth, did you ever wonder how-to report an open electrical outlet face plate, broken chair, a fence that allows balls to go underneath it, too much bird poop on the court or a light that does not work properly?  It's not "tell Rick!  It's Fill out the WBV Association Maintenance Request SLIP at the Rec Center desk when you swip in!
Hey, nine is enough.... Ok, your disappointed.... You demand one more... Here it is....

Tenth, please consider being a member of the the Club Policy & Procedures Ad-hoc discussion group. They met in July and have a framework to facilitate the next discussion. Drop me a note that you would like to participate.

Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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"Make this the best day of your life,
by adding value to someone else's day!"

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