Hello [First],   

YOU WON A FREE  BOOZE CRUISE TO HAWAII !!          Just kidding, but, now that I have your attention...
         Let me offer three+ very interesting items for you to review to get your week off to a great start!! 

First, your Court Club Activity schedule for May 15-Oct 15th has been posted on the bulletin board, web site and take a look below. cool 

Second, your Pickleball Board took a decision last week to replace your aging sound system. So, now, I am asking if someone would love to be our SOUND MASTER?   What would a SOUND MASTER do?  Work with the Committee Chairpersons and make the new system available for events like Tournament (announcements and music), Community Affairs (possibly soft back-ground background music at the Nov 7th Blood Drive) Social events may be even the General Membership Meeting October 23nd. (Well, just to get a little crazier)  The new system provides 100 Watts of output, Bluetooth enabled, AM/FM, 5 hour battery life, water proof, with wheels and a handle for easy movement. Our SOUND MASTER might even put together a collection of great music on an old phone with Bluetooth and start an appropriate music collection. If not, I will offer mine to the SOUND MASTER. yes

Fourth, the WBV Pickleboard Board also took a decision to eliminate the option of paying dues with PayPal or Credit Cards.  This is in line with my goal of making things easier for your Membership Team. If your wondering, only 14 members used that method for payment for 2017 dues payments and the process is a bit cumbersome.

Fifth, I am still hoping for one more volunteer to round out the 2018 Officer Nomonating Committee. I really would like to see a women be part of the committee. Ben/Jack/Larus/ and YOU...But who are you?  Did you know there are 187 women in your Club out of 362 members? 

Sixth, hey, I suggested it was going to be 3+.  We are starting to plan for several things at the end of the year and need your insight. Do you have a family member or friend that might help with; a Club picture on November 5th and pictures at this years Christmas party or  a professional bartender for this years Christmas Party?  How about a crazy rockin DJ?  PLEASE DROP ME A LINE IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE.  WE WOULD LIKE TO GET OUR PLAN IN PLACE BY JUNE 1ST.

No more, have a great week!!

Bigger is "NOT" Better......Better is Better!!

Let's Play, Now, it's Your Serve,

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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by adding value to someone else's day!"


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