Our PB Board Members are all in agreement that we need as much POSITIIVE PR as we can get this fall, if we are to get our courts resurfaced anytime soon.  They believe that every member needs to constantly recruit!  They believe that we need more members so that we will have higher swipe numbers which in turn will make a greater impact on the HOA Board of Directors. 

Here are some suggestions:
   1.)  Each member needs to swipe every time they go to the courts and we need to constantly remind / courteously ask, our pb friends, if they have scanned their card today.  Also, If you bring resident guests to watch, please have them scan their cards for Pickleball.
   2.)  Invite your neighbors and resident friends to come watch you play.  Explain to them the mental and physical health benefits, how easy it is to learn and play,  then encourage them to try playing so they can get an immediate feel for it.   Invite them to our Tournaments so they can see how much we enjoy the game. Encourage them to join our club whether they play often or not.   They could become a Social Member... $20 is cheap for a years' worth of entertainment and socializing!
   3.) We need to Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!    Just tell everyone how much fun PB is!   Explain to your friends that it is an inexpensive sport that differs from tennis because the games are shorter and we only play one game and rotate off court, then we are sitting/resting, but we are also enjoying chatting and being social with friends.  Let them know what a fun game it is and how much you enjoy it.  Encourage their joining our Club.
   i.e: Helping WBV HOA and other Clubs will help advertise and make our presence be known in Westbrook.  Two examples  of our being helpful to other groups happened in the past year and gave our club positive credit with the HOA. 1) On Memorial Day 2016, the Pickleball Club let the HOA use our portable Sun Shades to protect  the Presenters and Guest Speakers from the sun during WBV Memorial Day Presentation.    Yea, Way to go Pickleball Club!   2) Fall of 2015, Russ LaChance, President of the WBV Veterans Support Group, asked his friend,  Chuck Morris,  if he could help 'round up' 10 volunteers to serve the Veterans Dinner in Nov.  Chuck came to Pickleball the next morning and asked if anyone was able to help out the Veterans Group by volunteering. The response was great, he had more than he needed in a couple days, so their names were given to Russ and  they did serve the dinner.  They all enjoyed it so much they volunteered to do it again this year.  Rick Sturgis and Diane Ballard stepped in and  have alreay met with the restaurant committee and have helped 'reorganize' the serving procedures for the dinner this November. Yea, Way to go Pickleball People!
   4.)  Westbrook Village is looking for volunteers.   Attend a meeting on Wednesday, Sept 28 at 10:30 a.m. at the Lakes Multi Purpose Room  to see where you may fit in.  Volunteer to help Westbrook but let everyone know that you are a Pickleball Club member.
   5.)  Tom Schraeder is a member of the Long Range Planning Committee (a general member, not a PB representative) and he reports that on Wednesday the 7th of September at 8:00 a.m., the HOA Board of Directors meeting will be in the FALC and at this meeting the HOA Board is hiring an architect who will review WBV facilities and prepare a plan to address deficiencies and  suggest improvements for WBV.   This is a very, very, important meeting, as we need to have the Architect recognize the importance of redesigning our Stadium Courts Please try to attend, not to make a ruckus, but to learn what is being requested of him and to show our concern for better courts.   Lets get involved - Put this meeting on your busy schedule!!

   Tom Ossell reports that he was recently talking with a PB member, a realtor, who had compiled data from the local Multiple Listing Service, comparing “property appreciation values” from 2013, 2014 & 2015 between Westbrook, Sun City West and Pebble Creek.  Well, Lo and Behold!  Westbrook Village has the poorest recreation facilities and the lowest property appreciation values on our homes!  So that leads us to a question:  Is our HOA protecting our property values by improving our recreational facilities?  Hopefully, the hiring of an Architect may be a step in the right direction.
   Tom was also told that our HOA has $3.2 Million in their capital reserve fund and an independent agency that reviews HOA finances;  states that Westbrooks' reserve is over funded.  Doesn't that mean the HOA could spend some money on recreational improvements? 
   Keep in mind that the Stadium Courts have a water reservoir underneath them that belongs to the City of Peoria and redesigning our courts to obtain premium quality courts will be an expensive procedure, also realize that since we have older people on our HOA Board, they have seen the results of a depression and so they may tend to be more "thrifty" with a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude.   In other words, this is going to be so very expensive they may vote no just because it is expensive!
   What all this means is that we need great numbers of members to be in attendance to this meeting and all following committee meetings to show our desire and support and to encourage the spending of $ to get the best Premium Resort Quality Courts for WBV.

   6.) Yes, it would be nice to have club members in attendance at  each of the various HOA Committee Meetings, to know what is going on, to report back to us so that we can get involved and help with decision making of these committees. So we are asking each member to participate and attend at least one committee meeting a year.
   The Long Range Planning Committee will meet on Sept 1st  at 1:00 p.m. at the FALC.  Tom Schrader* will be attending this meeting and is asking a couple friends to attend this meeting with him.
   On Tuesday, September 13th the Recreation Committee meets at the VISTAS at 8:30 a.m. Any member is free to attend, so if you are available please do attend as our representative.    We will also ask Ann Eisentraut* and Terry Spross * to attend and will each of you invite a pb friend to go with you? 
   On Tuesday, September 20th,  The ACC Meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. at the FALC.   Again any member is free to attend, so if you are available please do attend as our representative.    We will also ask  Roger Helt* and Liz Lage*  attend and each bring a pb friend to this meeting with them.
   On Wednesday, September 28, the Ways and Means Committee meets at 3:00 p.m. at the Admin bld.  We need to have PB members attend so if you are available please do attend as our representative.  We will also ask Donna Knorowski* and Maureen Dooling*  to attend and will you each find a friend to attend this meeting with you?
   * If you are one of the members above who has been asked to attend a meeting and are unable to do so, will you please find a  second friend who will attend in your place.    Please take notes and send your notes, comments or "report" to . Tom will compile them and we will send a report to the membership via the website in order to keep you all 'aware' of the planning and  progress being made.
   We strongly feel that PB member attendance at these meetings and  our involvment is very, very necessary, if we are to get the stadium courts beautifiiully rebuilt instead of being inadequately repaired and we would like it done as quickly as possible.  Please help our club anyway you can.  You may volunteer, respond or send your ideas to

    September Birthday Celebration-  Monday Evening, September 19 at 6:30 p.m.  Hors D'oeuvres welcome.
     Fall Tournament-   We have two suggestions: Halloween and Fall Harvest.  We need a couple handsome gentlemen to volunteer to organize the playing schedule.  I  will repeat -  We desperately need "2 or 3 or 5 guys " to get their heads together and help our club by organizing a tournament for us. 
     Logo Picture Day- coming in November,  a time when all members will  wear our new Logo Shirts.  A volunteer from the Photography Club will help take a  PB
Club Group Picture.
     Fall Pickleball Clinics will begin the 3d week in September for any club member, homeowner or visiting guest of a homeowner.  We will teach 3 days a week, in
the mid morning and will include beginners' lessons, and instructions, techniques, and skill drills for all levels of players.  Short practice sessions on the ball machine will also be included for everyone.  More info will be published in a couple weeks.
     We will need approximately 8 volunteer instructors.  Please volunteer by sending Ray an email to confirm.
     Election of President and Treasurer will take place in December.  Read the job descriptions in our ByLaws and be ready to say, " Yes, I will volunteer", when approached by the Nominating Committee.

This message has been approved by 75% of the PB Board
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