Monday the 5th is Labor Day and it is also PB Social Time!   Bob D. will bring the music, All members are invited,  all you need to do is bring an Hors d'oeuvre and your Paddle.  Time will be 6:59 til 9:20 p.m.
      Let's fill all courts,  Play and Rotate Night!   Try to play with members you have not played with in a long while/ include those who have been quietly, patiently sitting, waiting to play.
      Ice Cream Bars and Cookies provided: at a particular time - as yet undetermined!
     Come enjoy a lovely, warm AZ evening with friends. yes

HOA Committee meetings- on Wednesday the 7th of September at 8:00 a.m., the HOA Board of Directors meeting will be in the FALC and at this meeting the HOA Board is hiring an architect who will review WBV facilities and prepare a plan to address deficiencies and  suggest improvements for WBV.   This is a very, very, important meeting, as we need to have the Architect recognize the importance of redesigning our Stadium Courts Please try to attend, not to make a ruckus, but to learn what is being requested of him and to show our concern for better courts.   Lets get involved - Put this meeting on your busy schedule!!
      If you are one of the members that was asked to attend a committee meeting this month, please check the WBV Community News email that is sent to members because they do sometimes change the dates of the meetings. Have you already found a member to attend with you?  It has been suggested that you wear your Pickleball Logo shirt to the meetings.  (One way to help you remember to attend the meeting is for you to put on a cow bell now  and do not allow yourself to take it off until you walk into the meeting-you will be so happy to get to take it off that you will remember to go to the meeting!)

New Ball info- Currently our newest balls ( @ ONIX - the @ is really and X with an O on top of it) are marked with  Black Letters and they are available for Club Time Playl   WB M for Morning balls. These will be found in the pink bag hanging on the gate for the Morning Club Play Time Group, they will be collected after play each day and returned each morning by either Diane Ballard or Liz.  HELP!  WE HAD ONE DISSAPEAR THIS MORNING!   Additional balls will be marked WB E for evening play.  The Evening Club Play Time Balls are dispersed and collected by Bob Dooling daily.
     In October-Bob D. and Bob W. will be marking the October Balls with Red Letters and we will be moving the balls with black markings into the racks for general & guest use. So each group will get new balls for the month of Oct and they will be marked with red letters.  The Balls for November will be marked with  Blue Letters.  ($64 question ?  What color will the markings be for December?)
     Evening group date change - The Evening Competitive Group will switch  from 7 p.m. play time to 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon on Monday the 17th of October.  Any questions?  Check with Bob Dooling / 623-266-8902.

The Ladders-The Ladder Captains will be issued 8 new balls in October with letters printed with a Red Marker to indicate the Ladder Level:   NOV for novice, INT for Intermediate, ADV for advanced.
     The Sat. Intermediate Ladder  (Rick Sturgis) and the Thurs  Advanced Ladder  (Robert Doerschel) are both currently in session.  If you would like to join either ladder please contact the Captains. 
     The Novice Ladder on Tues will be playing casually until Oct 11, Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. which will be their official starting date this fall. 
     For more info and to access each Captains email, go to our website  then click on Activities / scroll down and click on Ladders.

PB Clinic Info- Ray Thompson and his Crew will be teaching any member who wants to improve their PB skills in an 8 week clinic starting on the Sat the 20th of September.  It will begin after the Sat morning Intermediate Ladder approximately 9 or 9:15 a.m.  It will meet 3 days a week, on Tues, Thurs and Sat after the regularly Scheduled Morning Play Time.
    The clinic is free and open to any member of the club. laugh  If a homeowner has a guest who would like to learn the game, they may attend any Clinic day and will be taught one free lesson, but they will be required to sign a WBV waiver before the lesson.  We will provide loaner paddles and they are asked  to wear tennis shoes. ( We will not be using the Ball Machine for the first lesson.)  Anyone may preregister, include their playing level, and their request for particular skills they would like to work on.

     Ray would like to have at least 7 instructors to assist. We have Steve Russ, Steve Merkovich, Ben Bennett.  If you would like to help,  please send him an email stating the days you will or will not be available.  This is the correct link to contact Ray.

A New Padlock  -The chest will be receiving a new lock and combination number on Sept 12.  If you feel that you need to be able to open the chest, please contact Maureen Dooling and tell her why you will need it.  She will then give you the combination.  You are asked not to share the combination number with member friends as we are trying to keep our things in storage safe because we did have things stolen from it this summer.  

Sun City Matches - Since Ken Macumber has retired, we will need someone to coordinate these matches.   If you can help to organize our teams for this event, Please contact
     The first one begins this month on Sept. 18.  We will be playing at 6 p.m. instead of at the regular 1 p.m. time because they are having some work done on the courts that afternoon.  This month they would like to begin with just 8 Advanced players, and 8 Intermediate players, both men and women for mixed doubles games. 
     This is a fun event and it gives us a chance to play pickleball with a variety of players.  We also encourage our members to attend and be a great cheering team of support for our member players.
     We need 16 volunteers for this event, if you would like to play, please contact Pres. Sid at address above soon.
October Tournament -  Will it be a Harvest Fest or a Halloween Party...... or will it be ?? at all ?? broken heart  broken heart
  We do need a volunteer or a couple three members to take the challenge to provide us with another Fun Tournament.   Ppp l l l eee' zzz!

Logo Shirts - Bill and Marsha have returned to us and are ready to continue selling our new Logo Pickleball Shirts.  Your cost is $15.  We would like everyone to get one and wear it to our Pickleball Logo Shirt PICTURE Day coming up in November.

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