Yippee!  Its Spring! 

Great News!  Our Ball Machine purchase has been ok'd by our HOA. It has been ordered and rules are being established to control its care and usage.  Our next news bulletin will include information about how and when it will be used.   One thing is for sure, it will help to improve our game techniques
- -but only for those who use it!

Membership- Our membership total has reached 300!  A new member, Linda Royer, is our Three Hundredth roster entry.  She will receive a name badge indicating 'WBV Pickleball Club 2016 Member #300' imprinted on it.

The WBV Long Range Planning Committee is meeting this Thursday at 1 PM in the FALC building.  They will be discussing long range plans for Pickleball and the Tennis courts behind the Vistas Rec. center.    Please try to be there to see, hear and understand what is being proposed to this committee.  This is a very important meeting please give our club your support by attending.

Two Birthday Celebrations are being planned, April 18 and May 5.  If you have a birthday in either April or May, please let Diane Durnell know your birthdate as soon as possible so that she may prepare for you. April 18 will be at a Monday Night Social and May 5 will be on a Thursday evening.  Click on her email and send her your birthdate now   ddurnell@cox.net

Cinco de Mayo Potluck and Pickleball Social
       This event is scheduled for May 5 on a Thursday evening at 6  pm.   (The Thurs night ladder will be canceled.)
This seems to be a yearly event, so bring a Mexican dish to share, your own beverage, wear a festive costume and join in 'muy divertido!'
      Dessert will be the Birthday Celebration Cake. Be prepared for an evening of socializing, comida deliciosa, emmocionate(exciting) e muchas buenos pickleball games con su amigos.
Four Loaner Paddles are available at the Vistas Rec Center desk.  They may be checked out by leaving your homeowners card,  just return the paddles after you have enjoyed a few games with your guests.

The New Balls:  Please leave these balls in the center of the court  for the next group that rotates in and Do Not Put these balls in the Ball Racks on the fences.
The HOA prefers that we would all use these newer heavy duty balls as they are much quieter and they actually play better on the lower courts because they don't “die” when they land on the courts dead spots.      Finally, after being used for about three months, one has broken- thats good!  So even though they are more expensive, they are well worth the money. They are in great demand and short supply, That is why our Ball Custodians are making them available for Ladders, Morning and Afternoon Club play times, and they are collected at the sessions conclusion. This system has worked extremely well so far.   We apologize that there has been an occasional hiccup when the custodian could not bring the balls to the courts, but hope you will remain flexible with us. You will still have use of the ones in the ball racks.
We need additional Ball Custodians to regularly bring balls for each days/evening Club time session. So volunteers,yes please pick 'your evening' and  contact Bob Waller by phone to obtain balls.  623 428 2416

After reading the last USAPA newsletter and the entry in the our last PB News, the question is: Is this the Onyx ball that will not be accepted for USAPA sanctioned tournament play after October of 2016? The second question is: Does it make any difference to us, since we do not sponsor Sanctioned Tournaments? Would you like to give us your opinion about these balls? Please send your comments to e2lage@cox.net

Our President, Sid Harris, has volunteered the use of our portable shade canopies at the upcoming Memorial Day Ceremony at WBV and because of this, Russ Lachance from the WBV Veterans Group gave our Pickleball Club a nice complement in a communication with our HOA. He said, “The Pickle ball Club has really come through again. I cannot tell you how much they do for us at the Veterans Dinner.“  Thanks Russ, for the compliment!

Blue Recycle Bin: DO NOT use this bin to sit on or lean on for support when you go from one level to the other as it is on wheels and it does move and therefore “dumps” you on your fanny!  Yes, you will be much safer using the steps at the end of the courts rather than taking a short-cut through the seating area.
Please use the bin to recycle water bottles or take them home with you when you leave for the day and then Please 'ship-shape' a few chairs on your way out!

 It is time to say goodbye to some of our friends who will be returning to their homes 'Up-North'.  We wish them a safe journey, a happy and healthy summer, full of pickleball exercise and exciting games and hope that they will return to us early in the fall.

To these friends we say, “Send us pics of your “home” courts and tell us about the way your club handles a situation that is better/different from ours? How do they share using the courts, different levels of play etc.”  Feel free to send any suggestions you might have to our President-  sidharriscpa@gmail.com   We would like you to stay in touch.
Adios Amigos!

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