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The Club Play Time Schedule is changing as of 3/28/2016  The changes are posted on the website, and on the Macumber Message Board.  Basically, we are starting earlier in the morning to beat the mid-day  heat.  Morning Play time will begin at 7 thru 9:30 am.  The Competitive Group Play time will begin at 4 thru 6 pm.
The only Ladder time change will be for the Happy Hitters Beginning Ladder.  Each Tuesdays, It will now begin at 9:30 am thru 10:30 am.
The USAPA has approved several manufactured pickleballs that are OK for tournament play, those pictured below are OK for now. but as of Oct. 2016 when the new USAPA/IFP rules go into effect, the Jugs Bulldog and Onix Sports 503 will not be allowed for for use in sanctioned tournaments.

Your WBVPB Club is distributing some of the recently purchased newer balls for daily play.   They are a 25% quieter ball, they have a better bounce, are easy to see, they are much stronger, and will last longer with little or no breakage and the 'dead spots' on the lower courts have less effect on the bounce of this ball. During club play times,  there will be available 1 ball for each court.  Please use the ball and leave it on the court after you finish your game. 
These new balls are not to be placed / stored in the ball sleeves located on the fences.  They will be collected daily.  The persons in charge of bringing the balls to the court for play time and collecting them at the end of each day will be:  Bob Dooling for the Competitive group, Liz Lage for the Morning Group.   All Ladder Team Captains will also be in charge of issuing and collecting these newer balls after league play. 
DID YOU KNOW?  That the PB club has four paddles available at the Vistas Rec Center which are loaner paddles.  They may be checked out and used when you have guests- just leave your homeowners card at the desk and return the paddles after you have enjoyed a few games with your guests.

Don’t miss the weekly "Couples Mixers” on Friday and Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm.  Both groups are open to all couples and singles who bring a partner.  These are fun social events.  Come on out and see what it’s all about!  The Friday group adjourns to a local restaurant while the Sunday group brings a snack to share.

All 2016 members have received the password which gives each of you access to the clubs roster on the website.  Please check to be sure you have updated your personal information. 
Our Club membership today is 293.

It is important...please SCAN your card each time you play!
The PB Club is the Best Social Club in WBV because we play with anyone/everyone no matter their skill level, we encourage our partners,
and we rotate off the court after each game, we reorganize with different partners.  We welcome and teach new members, we have several weekly events and enjoy the camaraderie with  our member friends.

Westbrook Village is hosting events in which they offer clubs special privileges, ie: tables, special prices. etc.  We would like a volunteer to act as liaison in organizing our clubs tables- a contact person that we could notify that when we want to participate as a club member and sit at a club table.  To volunteer please contact any officer of the club.

We are looking for a volunteer to finish the term of  Treasurer as Rob Dolan will be moving from our area.
Please contact our President Sid Harris  to accept the position.  sidharriscpa@gmail.com

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