PickleBall Club Members, ok, it's Sunday afternoon in Peoria....and your listening for that familiar, "Are you ready for some football", coming from that 60 inch in the back room....  Forget it..It's over, no football today!!!

Let me offer a few alternatives.

First, mark your calendars for the Pickleball Club's first General Membership meeting, Monday February 20th at 5:30pm in the Vista Rec Center Ballroom.  If you will give me 1.5 hours, I will give you 3.0 hours of value.   It will be great!!  Believe me! (Where did I hear that before?) Agenda will be sent to you on Thursday.

Second, please take the time to send in your 2017 Westbrook Village Ballot card. Two things are important here. One, We are voting for three HOA Board members for three positions.  I attended the "Meet the Candidates Night"  session earlier this week.  Two, one candidate, Fred Brill, suggested he had a 2017 vision  to work with the HOA board, Tennis and Pickleball Clubs to build a Tennis focus at the Lakes and Pickleball focus at the Vistas.... Just saying, he was not prompted...It was his response to a question around his 2017 focus as a Board member.

Third, pay attention to the back side of the HOA Board Ballot card. It is requesting that you vote on increasing the Preservation Fee. This is a fee for those buying into Westbrook. It will provide a funding source to keep our amenities competitive with other residential communities. This is a must for our residential community to be competitive moving forward.

Fourth, please take the time to fill out the 2nd Village Long Range Survey, even if you filled out the first. The second is much more detailed.  This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on what you feel is required for our Village community to stay on a positive track and allow our community values to increase.  What's important to you as a homeowner?  Enhanced Ball rooms, social media stations across the village, more meeting rooms, better card/Bingo playing facilities, WOW factor entering the Village, or possibly enhanced Tennis and Pickleball courts? This is your chance to "speak out"!

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Fifth. this is it!!! Make sure you bring the person you share you life with to this weeks Monday Night Social.  Diane will be enhancing the social event with special Sweets and Treats.  Hey, show-up, have fun enjoy the camaraderie with your Club members and the love of your life.! kissheart What might you gain after a night of fun and love?  Just saying..devil

Bigger is not Better...Better is Better!

Let's play, it's your serve!

Rick Sturgis
Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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"Make this the best day of your life,
by adding value to someone else's day!"


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