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Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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  Parties Chairwoman: Diane Durnell  623.693.2163
 Co-chair: Peggy Baxter  623.256.1926
     Committee: Ann E, Jim Keller, Faye K, Carl R, Debra G, Lynn G, Diane D, Claudia P.

     2017 Social Events Calendar:
Our Birthday celebrations are held once a month at Mon. night Socials,  at a Tournament or Holiday Social Party.
         Monday Night Socials, 6:30 p.m. Bring an snack to share, your favorite beverage for Mon. night mixer games.  
        Pickleball Christmas Party:



 Ladies Socials
       Captain: Lois Kumerow   602-350-0048
      Committee Members: 

      This is an all Ladies Fun Time group.  All female members of all skill levels are invited to join in either or both sessions.  Play one game with friends, rotate off the court and find different ladies of different skill levels for your next game.  Hors d'oeuvres are always welcome.
   Wednesday Evening Ladies Play - 6 to 9:30 pm    
Golden Geezers
     President Marc Parenteau    218.280.0988
     Treasurer:  Chuck Morse,    623.262.7966 
The Geezers are a group of Gentlemen Pickleball members that are at least 75 years old as of the current year.    We are a fairly casual group that love the game and would like to contribute to several worthy causes.   Our current goal is to send a single American Beauty Rose to any woman who has had a significant incident happen in their life and would benefit from having one.   This can mean a special birthday, a loss of a loved one, an unexpected medical diagnosis, or someone that just needs a Hug at this point in their life.
      If any pickleball member becomes aware of such a need, please turn in first and last name of the recipient to any Golden Geezer Member or myself.  The Geezers will purchase the Rose, but we will ask you, the sponsor, to see that it is delivered to the recipient.
      We hope this will spread a bit of joy to lots of ladies in the coming year. "
      Sincerely,  Marc D. Parenteau.
       1. Ask any Geezer for a Request Form to complete necessary information.  2. You wll be delivering the rose, so you will need to give Jack your name and phone number and the receiving persons name and address plus the reason for ordering a rose. Please donate your unused bud vases by bringing them to the courts or to a Geezer Officer.

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