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Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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MANAGER : JDee Birkeland   801.231.5177
- Jerry Davis   919.889.9179 
    To all ladder participants: "This is just a reminder that you must give at least a 24 hour request to the ladder captain to play on their ladder.  You cannot just show up and expect the Captain to add you in.  It is also important to let the Captain know as soon as possible that you cannot play.  We realize emergencies occur but the more notice given to captains gives them time they need to prepare the schedule.  Please be kind to all Ladder Captains by communicating.  Thanks, Jdee and Jerry"
 Ladder Policies:
          Club members may choose the ladder or ladders where they wish to play.
           Members are responsible to communicate with ladder captains, if they will /or/ will not partitipate to in the next session.
           New club members and novice players are encouraged to enroll. 
           Club members are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to warm-up and begin matches on time.
           Questions to understand your placement on ladder are OK- please do not get angry or argue- it's just a game- have fun!

       Want to play?  Just contact the Group Captain of your Skill Level. 
       How do you know your skill level? Just check on each of the links below to determine you own skill level.  Read them carefully, and you may print them for further reference.  Beginners start at the 2.0 Level, work on  each skill, evaluate yourself and when you feel you have 90 to 100 % accuracy then move yourself up to the next level.  

         Skill Assessment for 2.0 Level  👈,   Skill Assessment for 2.5 Level  👈,    Skill Assessment for 3.0 Level 👈,  Skill Assessment for 3.5 Level 👈,    Skill Assessment for 4.0 Level 👈,  
 Ladder Committee Meeting Minutes 1/26/17 👈 (includes Ladder Manager and Captains' Responsibilities.
C2 LADDER - Beginner to 2.0 Level. 
     Captain: Candace Isherwood -  623-853-7974
    Co-Captain:  Liz Lage -   623-566-2864
This Ladder meets on Fridays at 11:00 AM.  
If you would like to register for this ladder group, contact the captain by sending her an email.                                     


NEW High Intermediate Level Ladder -   2.5 - 3.5 level -
     Captain: Joan Bodiya
     Mondays at 8:00 AM - Using Courts 13/16  for the spring season.  If you would like to register for this ladder group, contact the captain by sending her an email. 

Open Ladder Group - Skill Level 2.0 - 3.0 
This Ladder grp is open to players recovering from injury, returning to play after a sabbatical, beginning players who have completed the basic lesson at WBV and believe their skills are sufficient to play at a fun, yet competitive level, and other players who make a reasonable request of any of the Open Ladder Captains. 
Captain:   Lee  Bolender   623.680.1122
    Co- Captain: Sharon Bolender  623.640.941
    Open Ladder Competition meets Tuesdays evenings at 6:00 - 9:30 P.M.


B1 Intermediate Ladder - Skill Level 2.5 - 3.5 
 Captain:  Lyn Erickson       509.389.2190
    Co-Captain: Debra Gennaco  602.620.4479
    The B1 ladder meets on Saturdays. Games start promptly at 8:30 AM
 B2 Intermediate Ladder -Skill Level 2.5 - 3.5     
   Captain:   Tom Eastman
    Co-captain:  Jerry Davis    919.889.9179
    Use for all communication to me regarding the B2 ladder. 
    The B2 ladder currently meets on Thursday Evenings.  This is a large ladder group and has 2 starting times.  Please check the schedule each week for your starting time.

An Advanced/Competitive Ladder - Skill Level 4  Thursday evenings 
    Captain: Robert Doerschel  425.829.6914

    This is for a select group of competitive players who play at the 4.0 level and club members  will be notified that they qualify. This Ladder group is scheduled to play on Thursdays at 6:00 PM

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