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Westbrook Village Pickleball Club
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  2018  February - March Pickleball Fun Social Times

HOA March Meeting Schedule 👈

The Pickleball Club now has a new Tournament Chairwoman and Committee. 👈
       Here are some Earth Day Tidbits 👈

BON VOYAGE TO MANY OF OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS!  Have a safe journey and a great summer!

The Pickleball Club is going to donate our portable nets and some balls to Alhambra High School - but what good are nets and balls, if you do not have  paddles? Please donate old paddles by giving them to Phil Ash and he will deliver them to the school  ( there is no OR now - Phil does not want to handle cash donations!)  We currently have collected 3 paddles and we need to provide 5 more for at least a total of 8 paddles.   Thanks for donating and helping others learn this great game!

WBVPB Club Non-Member Guest Policy Mar. 2018 👈

A 'Found' paddle has been placed in the chest.  Identify brand and color to claim.

PB Club Geezers Mug for sale 👈

The Pickleball Club now has a new Tournament Chairwoman and Committee. 👈

NEW:  A REBOUNDER BOARD!  Thanks to our Training Team efforts, it will soon be available for members use. 
For factory instructions on using the Rebounder Backboard, please go to: and click on the Tab called “Videos - How to Use”.
2.  Please Read:  Factory set up instructions.  👈  & 👉 set up instructions pg 2. 
3.  Please Read:  PB Club Rules for how to set up and use on our courts👉 PB Club RebounderUseRules ... we are working on  this!

WOW (Women of Westbrook) Golf 'ALS' Tourney 👈


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